Tachyon Sonics

Audio Editor - Manipulate audio files (musics, recordings, etc)

Alpha Version

Main Features
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Waveform display
"Resample" dialog box
Window 7
Spectrogram display
Mac OS X
Multiple files opened
"Equalizer" dialog box
Linux (Ubuntu)
Yes, it also runs on
your old computer!
(Windows 98)
The "Business"
cross-platform skin
You have a multi-core processor?
Tachyon Sonics uses them all!
Cepstrogram, Multi-selection,
Tooltips, Shortcuts...
Linux (Debian)
View the original analog signal
between the samples!
Multile files opened
Multiple transformations running
Windows 8 (Desktop)

Download Tachyon Sonics
Version (alpha)

Download for Size Minimum requirements
Windows 38 MB Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000; 512 MB RAM
Mac OS X 6.7 MB Mac OS 10.6 or greater, 1 GB RAM
Linux / BSD 6.2 MB OpenJDK JRE version 6 or greater; 512 MB RAM (Notes)

Alternative downloads
Alternative downloads for exotic and / or old operating systems

Download for Size Minimum requirements
Mac OS 10.4 / 10.5 6.7 MB Mac OS 10.4.11 or 10.5 (including PPC-based Mac); 128 MB RAM
Windows 98 27 MB Windows 98 / ME / NT 4; 64 MB RAM (96 MB on NT 4)
Windows (no JRE) 6.7 MB Windows 98 or better; Java must be installed separately
Java (Generic) 6.2 MB Java 5 or greater

Alpha Version
This is an alpha version. Many features have not yet been implemented, and many menus and buttons still do nothing.